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Im based in Gosport in Hampshire, although I am originally from Radstock in Somerset. A long time ago I used to ride time trials for Somer Valley CC, when bikes were steel, wheels had 36 spokes, and changing gear involved taking your hands off the handlebars.

I started cycling photography in 2008, when I visited the South West stages of the Tour of Britain, with a pocket Kodak camera.

In early 2011 I decided to spend all week following the Tour of Britain from Dumfries to London. I thought that I ought to practice some photography techniques before the Tour so I didnt miss any shots. I decided to photograph a few domestic races, the first race being the Severn Bridge RR in March 2011, and loved it so much, decided to do some more domestic races.

Since then I have regularly shot races in the South Region and further beyond. In 2016 I intend to go back to shooting the races I want to rather than those I feel I ought to, hence going to Totnes Vire once again, a race I havent done since 2011.  I suspect Ill be doing a few more races I havent been to for a while like the CiCle Classic, Maybe even the Lincoln GP.  Bring it on.

Photo by Andy West.